Marian is a pilot and as an authentic commander he is an expert discovering routes. His life is surrounded by airports, airplanes, suitcases and boarding pass. He loves discovering new destinations and they are not usually "classic" destinations. He is fascinated by the landscapes of Eastern Europe. With friends, with family, and alone, he does not stop traveling. He has a whole philosophy of life about it. He joins us to transmit his experiences, tell anecdotes, give advice and inspire everyone to grab a suitcase and go out; wherever, with anyone, to discover the world. (Instagram: marianitogc)
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Who did not read or hear anything about Dracula?

In Transylvania, you can find his home, as you know. However, that’s not all! This beautiful land also offers castles, fortresses, picturesque villages and perfect landscapes for painters, enclosed between valleys and mountains. It is a place of mysteries, myths and traditional tales with hundreds of inexplicable stories. My suggestion is to get to Bucharest, […]