Valeria is our eye on the world, very calm and very restless at the same time ... Her passions are the photography and travel. She not only sees, but also knows how to discover the most subtle with each image. At any angle she sees something special and knows how to convey. She is always looking for new destinations. When he arrives at a new site she goes with his camera and disconnects from the world to connect with the locals and captures "that" that does not have words but that through the image says many things. Valeria is a storyteller. After traveling a year around the world she decided to share her experience. Its objective is to transmit the energy of places and their people through their photographs. The Eyes of I Need Tours  
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Preikestolen under the rain

After several hours of route and crossings through ferries, we arrived in Stavanger! The weather was cloudy and rainy. This was something that worried us for two reasons. First, we needed to find where to camp for that night and putting the tent in the rain would not be easy. Secondly, the next day we […]

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My meeting with the Eiffel Tower

I had always wanted to visit Paris for a reason: to visit the palace of Versailles. It was a dream I had always had since studying Louis XIV in history. To enter the palace, to see its rooms and finish in the gardens was what most motivated me to travel to this city. We arrived […]