Preikestolen under the rain

After several hours of route and crossings through ferries, we arrived in Stavanger! The weather was cloudy and rainy. This was something that worried us for two reasons. First, we needed to find where to camp for that night and putting the tent in the rain would not be easy. Secondly, the next day we had planned to climb to Preikestolen  and it should be with good weather to enjoy the panoramic views.

For those who do not know about this place, El Pulpito is the most vertiginous viewpoint of the fjords of Norway. A square rock formation is 600 meters above the Lysefjord. To get to that place you have to walk about two hours.



The sun was hiding and we kept looking for a place to camp. We did not want to catch the night without having somewhere to sleep, and we wanted to rest well for what came the next day. But the minutes passed and the situation became more and more desperate because no camping area was big enough to be all together.

We got out of the van in the dark and with lanterns in hand, we walked along a path to a dream place: a beach on the banks of a fjord!! We did not hesitate for a second, we set the tents there and the next day we woke up with a spectacular view of the mountains.


We had breakfast, got up camp and went to Preikestolen.

When we arrived in Preikestolen, it rained a lot and we knew it would not stop. We had two options: either we went our way to the next destination or we went up with torrential rain.

We had traveled a lot there to leave without the possibility of climbing. We stayed a long time debating what to do while we watched as people were encouraged to climb. Until finally we are encouraged! We knew that the route was going to be very complicated by the intensity of the rain and the wind … but we were already there.

We walked for two hours under a flood of water. The route began with a series of beautiful forests to steep paths full of cobblestone stairs. The water began to run between rocks more and more, sure that in a matter of hours would be a cataract. We were very careful, trying to steady ourselves so we would not fall on the wet rocks. As we climbed, the fog was getting more intense.

We reach the top. We were on one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. We were standing on the famous rock that thousands of people dream of taking a photo with their feet hanging … We were in the Pulpit and we could not see anything. The horizon was a white screen of fog! Anyway, we gave ourselves the pleasure to enjoy that moment, to jump, to sing and even to laugh. It was a wonderful experience.


The adventure culminated with all our clothes drenched and with much water in our boots. We got into the vans to resume the route with the great satisfaction of having been in Preikestolen and with the promise of returning another day with sun. Nevertheless, when I return, if it is cloudy or raining, I would climb back to that rock without hesitation.