My meeting with the Eiffel Tower

I had always wanted to visit Paris for a reason: to visit the palace of Versailles. It was a dream I had always had since studying Louis XIV in history. To enter the palace, to see its rooms and finish in the gardens was what most motivated me to travel to this city.
We arrived in the afternoon. My friends wanted to see the Tour Eiffel but we were 30 blocks away. Therefore, we decided to walk there while we toured the city a bit.

It was crazy, because we were very tired. But if there is something I learned traveling was that walking the city is the best way to know it. Between one tourist spot and another you can discover incredible places that may not be in any tourist guide and are really worth it.

I honestly was not motivated by that plan; I preferred to walk the area where we were. I had seen many photos of the Tour Eiffel and it did not seem like an attractive visit. However, I went. Because in a city you always have to go through everything even if you “think” that you do not care.

I do not remember what expectations I had of the capital of France, but I know I did not imagine it that way. My eyes could not stop seeing so much beauty.

The very elegant streets and buildings painted a cream color that transported me to another era of history, people sitting anywhere outdoors enjoying wine and cheese, street music … everything, everything, everything was beautiful .

Moreover, every step I took, more perfect seemed Paris to me.

We started walking in a park; I was capturing all the images I could. Then… I saw her. It was there, where it always was and I did not know it. It was very big, perfect and beautiful. It was the Tour Eiffel!!
We sat in front of the icon of Paris and began to make a picnic in the French style: cheeses, olives, cherries, bread and wine.

We spent all afternoon playing the guitar, singing and taking photos. When the sun went down, we got our things to go, but before leaving, I found myself in the middle of the park to take the best postcard of Paris: the sunset and the Tour Eiffel.