Who makes this possible

We are travelers, explorers, adventurers and dreamers who love our profession and welcome every challenge with passion and dedication.

This is our way, This is I Need Tours !



Product Specialist & Sales Strategist

Easy-going ad quiet. When he seems absent-minded, it’s because he’s creating. He’s a real go-getter. No imperfections escape his sight. Creating is his whole world. And after loads of years creating for other companies, he decided to join us and do it for I Need Tours!. He’s a programming wizard, an acute observer, extremely meticulous, absolutely reliable. His motto is perseverance is the secret of all triumph. His fuel is positivity.

Horse whisperer.



Head of Sales & Technology Developer

Untiring adventurer, he loves reading, travelling, motorbikes and adrenalin. When he sets out an objective… well, he’s already achieved it! Thanks to many years of working in the tourism industry, he can use all his experience and personality. Used to different types of markets and turbulent times, he loves challenge. He can adjust to different terrains, and failing is not in his agenda, team player, excellent motivator.


IMG_20160220_225846 (1)


Product Manager

She arrives, puts on her headphones and start working soundlessly. Getting results is her job, optimizing contracts is her goal. Nobody can hear her when she’s at work but everybody misses her when she’s not. Great working experience in tourism in her native Argentina until she decided to join “I need Tours’s” mission. An adventurer that makes everything with passion. Her phrase: “Impossible is Nothing”. Always striving for perfection.

Divine restless.



FIT Department

We have been waiting for a long time, and she is finally with us! With her experience of over 20 years in the industry our team go ahead with a big step and looks after everything with an enviable team. Calm and patient at any moment, she seems to be in a parallel world from which she always brings us the most beautiful of her smiles. Her attention to every detail is unparalleled, her most ‘great merit is to simplify any situation, even the most’ difficult! Her philosophy of work: always give your best with the constant desire to learn and discover new things every day.

The eternal positive.


Fit Department

Valentina is the youngest (and smallest) of the team. Young at heart but not at experience, at 26 she has already cut her teeth. She has been living in Australia, in London and a few months ago she left the foggy Milan to start a new adventure in Rome by herself… she is afraid of nothing! Her hobby is organizing trips for herself and her friends. Needless to say that she is an essential resource for I Need Tours, she is the living evidence that the saying “ the best things come in small packages” is true.




Groups Department

Not only thanks to her incredible smile, she is a key figure in our team. She constantly shows us how to face tough challenges in the most efficient ways.
Teamwork, teamwork and more teamwork is what powers her up. Working in different sectors in the past 20 years has given her invaluable experience. Her main strength is being able to help out the clients from beginning to end, from the big picture of their needs to the tiniest details so as to become their personal safeguard in Europe.

Life of the party.



Social Media Marketing

She loves social networks, but that’s not all. She’s been working as Social Media Strategist in international companies for 6 years. She’s an enthusiast of active listening and emotional intelligence. Rebeca is a keen observer, communicative and miracle maker. What is she actually fleeing from? From the ordinary and the trends. Her motto? What the ants say: “little by little until conquering the world”. What does she like? The suspension points because they can hide a whole world.

The strongest link.


Product Department

Here is the new bet of I Need Tours. Although very young he already has a formidable preparation and helps the team to clarify every detail of our product. Data entry is its natural world, IT is his great passion. Silent but efficient, introverted but always present. It seems that he is never in the office, covered by supplier contracts, but he is always with us. Precision and patience are its best qualities, could it be otherwise for those who make Data Entry?

The Last Bet